Communication Courses

Report Writing

This report writing training course is aimed at people who are new to report writing or who need to improve their report writing skills. As...more

Communicating Difficult Messages

This training course have been developed in order to help your employees improve their abilities in communicating difficult messages. It will help them to...more

Communicating with Customers

Customers are the key element of any thriving organisation and if you don’t keep them satisfied, they will simply go elsewhere for the products...more

Dealing with Phone Rage

The majority of calls that are taken by call centres, helpdesks and businesses in general will pass without incident. However, there are occasions when...more

Prioritising & Planning

This is a basic time management course for anyone who would benefit from help with prioritising and planning their workload. Prioritising and planning are...more

Professional E-mails

E-Mail has become an important means of communication in business. We use e-mails to communicate internally to our work colleagues. We are also using...more