Communicating Difficult Messages

One Day – £830 + VAT

This training course have been developed in order to help your employees improve their abilities in communicating difficult messages. It will help them to identify the best method of relaying information taking into account the message and the individuals involved and enable them to improve their communication skills through practical application.
There is also a focus on helping employees to handle the communication of difficult messages to sometimes-difficult individuals. The key aim is to ensure employees have the confidence, knowledge and skills to effectively communicate to their teams.
Everyone is required to communicate a difficult message at some point in their career. How this message is received is dependent on several factors and the outcome of a poorly delivered message can be catastrophic for a business.
This session will ensure your employees are equipped to deliver difficult messages effectively while coping with awkward behaviours within the team.


At the end of this Communication Skills Training Course, your employees will be able to:

  • Identify the best method of communicating for the topic
  • Prepare and structure effectively in order to communicate a difficult message
  • Use techniques to overcome personal barriers to communicating difficult messages
  • Manage awkward behaviours and difficult personalities
  • Facilitate effective communication sessions