Effective Customer Care

One Day – £830 + VAT

Positive customer relationships are crucial to survival in today’s competitive marketplace. In fact, the quality of your customer care can sometimes be the only difference between you and your competitors.

Customer care is not just about dealing with upset customers. It’s about creating a positive experience whenever dealing with them. But with customers now less tolerant and more demanding, it’s a huge challenge for us to meet these demands.


By the end of this customer care training course:

  • By the end of this customer care training course
  • Be able to explain the importance of customer care for both them and the customer
  • Have considered how they are perceived by their customers and have a plan of action to improve this
  • Be able to explain the difference between Transactional and Relational customers and how to meet their needs
  • Be able to spot the gap’s in service and change them
  • Have a written set of values that everyone will follow