Good, Bad & Ugly Customer Service

Half Day – £450 + VAT

With many products, services and prices being very similar the only way to set ourselves apart may be with service we offer. If this is true, we need to make sure that we are setting ourselves apart in the right way and building a reputation that will keep customers returning time and time again.

In this customer service training course employees draw on their experiences to help them understand customer expectations before matching these to the service values of the organisation. This then enables them to consider the service they are currently delivering and to find ways to improve on this.

This customer service training course works equally well for frontline staff or for managers looking to improve the systems and processes that deliver their products to the end customer.


During this customer service training course employees will:

  • Draw on their own experiences identify key customer expectations
  • Link customer expectations with the customer service values of your organisation
  • Identify action they can take individually to ensure that the service they provide to customers is even better than it already is
  • Identify possible action the organisation can take to ensure that customer service is even better than it already is