Human Resources Courses

Bullying & Harassment

Harassment and bullying behaviour in the workplace is unpleasant and offensive. It can affect an individual’s professional performance and psychological welfare, and can be...more

Conflict Handling

There is a way to approach conflict in which we can reach a win/win and collaborate to a successful conclusion for all involved. This session will...more

Dealing with Redundancy

Anyone of any status within an organisation who is facing the prospect of redundancy would benefit from the content within this ‘Dealing with Redundancy’...more

Discipline in the Workplace

Discipline in the workplace has a pivotal role to play in any organisation. Used correctly and fairly, where appropriate, discipline can ensure that employers,...more

Induction Training Design

The benefits of welcoming new starters to an organisation with a carefully planned induction programme is recognised across all industries and businesses. Induction is acknowledged...more

Interview Skills

Two Days – £1299 + VAT The selection of new employees can be a long drawn out and expensive process. This means that we...more

Performance Management 1 day

Often treated like a box ticking exercise, effective performance management is actually fundamental to achieving a successful future. Performance management is not a fixed...more

Risk Assessment

This risk assessment training sets out to look at how to identify hazards within the workplace, recognise the risk and implement a control measure....more