People Management Courses

Bullying & Harassment

Harassment and bullying behaviour in the workplace is unpleasant and offensive. It can affect an individual’s professional performance and psychological welfare, and can be...more

Conflict Handling

There is a way to approach conflict in which we can reach a win/win and collaborate to a successful conclusion for all involved. This session will...more

Emotional Intelligence at Work

Emotional intelligence affects us all, whether we’re constantly working in collaboration with others or individually on projects. So this course would be suitable for...more

Influencing Skills

This Planning for Change training course has been developed to introduce employees to practical tools and techniques that will enable them to better understand...more

Managing Difficult Behaviours

The modern work environment places many demands on the Manager, not least the need to treat ‘difficult’ employees with the same care and respect...more

Managing Performance

Management is ultimately about getting things done through others. Without a structured and clear approach to managing performance, where employees know what is expected...more

Performance Management

Often treated like a box ticking exercise, effective performance management is actually fundamental to achieving a successful future. Performance management is not a fixed...more

Prioritising & Planning

This is a basic time management course for anyone who would benefit from help with prioritising and planning their workload. Prioritising and planning are...more

Stress Management

The word ‘stress’ is used to describe the physical and/or emotional response to the demands and pressures that modern living means we come under...more