Bullying & Harassment

Half Day – £450 + VAT

Harassment and bullying behaviour in the workplace is unpleasant and offensive. It can affect an individual’s professional performance and psychological welfare, and can be so destructive that the effects continue after work, devastating personal lives as well as careers. Harassment and bullying can result in low morale, increased sickness absence or resignations.
If a complaint is made to an Employment Tribunal, or civil proceedings taken to court, an organisation may also suffer expensive litigation, adverse publicity and a loss of customers. It is in everyone’s best interests to have a workplace free of harassment and bullying.

This training sets out to answer the common questions, concerns and legal implications of bullying and harassment in the workplace. They look at the issue of bullying and harassment from every point of view and help provide your employees with useful advice in dealing with issues as the victim of harassment, the organisation or the accused.


At the end of this bullying and harassment training course your employees will be able to:

  • Highlight the importance of an environment where everyone feels safe from bullying & harassment
  • Discuss how bullying & harassment is viewed in the eyes of the law
  • Identify different methods that are used to bully and harass
  • Understand your role in ensuring that bullying & harassment is eliminated
  • Demonstrate how to deal with cases of bullying & harassment