Influencing Skills

One Day – £830 + VAT

This training course is suitable for a variety of audiences, but particularly those individuals who need to regularly influence the action of others, such as management and senior leadership teams. The purpose of the influencing skills training is to help employees focus on understanding, developing and adapting influencing styles to best suit individual situations. The course focuses on looking at participant behaviours and influencing style, how to adapt this to different situations and how they can approach situations where people have different styles and different levels of commitment.

The skills and models discussed in this influencing skills training will help your employees with managing workload and performance, developing those around them, influencing people other than their own team and influencing people more senior than them.


At the end of this influencing skills training course your employees will be able to:

  • State the fundamental principles of influencing other people individually or in groups
  • Describe the role of power with regards to influencing
  • Identify their preferred influencing style and the impact this has on others
  • Identify Barriers and Enablers to Influencing
  • Describe and demonstrate their influencing skills via group exercise