Planning for Change

One Day – £830 + VAT

This Planning for Change training course has been developed to introduce employees to practical tools and techniques that will enable them to better understand their people during the transformation of their business. It will also provide them with clear methodologies that will assist them in influencing the change for the organisation and the people within it.

The workshop will equip employees with the skills to be able to change the nature of the conversations they have with others when working through a change programme and ensure people are equipped to have meaningful discussions that assist with the implementation of change.

A clearly structured and well thought out approach to organisational change means the difference between success and failure. The training focuses on a series of methods that can be used to help employees understand people and teams within their organisation better. It will look at: What are their motivations? How do they feel about work? And, how do they experience it? The workshop will help employees place themselves ‘in their shoes’ to aid engagement with their teams at a higher level. Each technique is quite straightforward and together they provide a different way of discussing the future changes within any organisation.

This training course is a highly interactive session full of useful activities that will enable leaders to truly understand the needs of the employees through organisational change.


At the end of this planning for change training course, your employees will be able to:

  • Recognise your own journey through change and how you have adapted to different situations
  • Demonstrate practical methods of delivering a change message
  • Prepare a message for teams using a standard process to engage and empathise with your staff
  • Explain a simple change model that will help you move people through the various stages of change
  • Distinguish the 7 steps to influencing change