Discipline in the Workplace

One Day – £830 + VAT

Discipline in the workplace has a pivotal role to play in any organisation. Used correctly and fairly, where appropriate, discipline can ensure that employers, customers, suppliers and employees are protected from any misconduct that may occur within the workplace.

This training course sets out to look at how to identify where disciplinary procedures and rules help with employee relations and promote fairness and consistency in the treatment of individuals. It will provide clear guidance on the procedures that should be followed, whilst ensuring employees understand best practice and how to resolve issues early and effectively to minimise the impact poor discipline can have on a business.


At this end of this Discipline in the Workplace training course your employees will be able to:

  • Recognise the key principles of the ACAS Code of Practice for Discipline
  • Distinguish the importance of setting and maintaining standards
  • Explain when and why to use the informal and formal disciplinary processes
  • Identify the significance of preparing for disciplinary interviews, along with guidelines for note taking during the interview
  • Establish how to formulate your conclusion notes following the interview to ensure an equitable outcome
  • Recognise the employees rights to appeal process