Interview Skills

One Day – £830 + VAT

Two Days – £1299 + VAT

The selection of new employees can be a long drawn out and expensive process. This means that we must do everything we can to ensure that when we do make a decision we choose the right person. Having gone to all the trouble of working through a selection process there is nothing worse than taking on a new employee who turns out to be unsuitable.
A robust selection process will minimise the risk of this happening and, of course, effective interviewing needs to be part of that. If you handle selection interviewing in a logical, structured and professional way the risk of choosing the wrong person is much smaller.

This interview skills training course will help learners to develop their selection interviewing techniques by making use of the effective PRICE structure and Question Plan. They will also develop many of the skills and techniques that will help them to use the structure effectively. This interview skills training course concentrates on developing interview techniques. Although we will briefly touch on the laws of discrimination a detailed discussion of it is outside of the scope of this programme. Similarly the topics of Diversity and Equality of Opportunity will only be covered briefly.

We concentrate on competence based interviewing skills in this training. This is sometimes described as behavioural, situational or job related interviewing.
This has been designed as a two day course so that employees have the opportunity to practice interview skills. However, it can be run as a 1 day course if interview practice is not thought to be necessary.


By the end of this Interview Skills training course your employees will be able to:

  • Take a logical approach to selection interviewing using the PRICE structure and Question Plan
  • Prepare effectively for selection interviews
  • Build and maintain appropriate rapport with candidates
  • Conduct selection interviews effectively and professionally
  • Manage the expectations of candidates when closing selection interviews
  • Evaluate the interview to help select the best possible candidate